​​PgMP® - Program Management Professional Exam Prep Course

PgMP® - Program Management Professional Exam Prep Course Introduction Program management doesn't simply to say that manage interrelated projects.  It's about managing programs and projects to maximize benefits realization while ensuring that programs (and their associated projects) align with organizational strategy & business objectives. Program Management is a structured framework covers organization, processes, outputs and ways of thinking that focus on delivering new capabilities and realizing benefits from these capabilities. In this 5-day workshop you'll learn from initiation to closing the programs effectively, develop a solid business case, manage stakeholders at all  levels, develop a detailed road-map, and define key deliverables needed  for realizing program benefits. The workshop also includes Exam Prep. Course Description This training program is specially designed for those people who are pursuing to understand the program management framework and best industry practices to apply in their organization. It is also for PgMP certification from PMI. The course content is based on "Standard for Program Management" v3.
Learning Objectives:  

  • Distinguish between project, program and portfolio management; describe the program life cycle & recognize the value of following this approach. And apply proven tools and techniques to program management.
  • Follow a systematic approach for establishing and managing a program that is consistent with      both the standard and best practices.
  • Understand the critical success factors of program management; maintaining alignment with      strategy, managing benefits and stakeholders and executing program governance.
  • Increase your effectiveness & efficiency as a program manager in achieving the strategic value of a program.

Course Outline Program Management Overview  

  • Programs and Program Management
  • The Program Life Cycle phases
  • Overview of PgMP® Certification

Defining the Program  

  • Program Definition
  • Business Case
  • Program Stakeholders Engagement 
  • Program Governance 

Initiating the Program  

  • Program Initiation
  • Establishing Program Governance across the program life cycle
  • Authorizing Constituent Projects
  • Creating the Program Team and the Program Office
  • Program Benefits Management
  • Analysing Stakeholder      Expectations
  • Planning Purchases, Acquisitions, and Contracts Planning the Program

Planning the Program  

  • Program Planning
  • Planning for Benefits Management
  • Communicating to Program Stakeholders
  • The Importance of the Program Management Plan
  • Scope Definition & the Program Work Breakdown Structure
  • Communications Planning
  • Interface and Transition Planning
  • Schedule, Cost, and Resource Planning
  • Quality Planning
  • Risk Management Planning and Analysis

Executing the Program  

  • Program Execution
  • Executing the Program
  • Manage program resources
  • Managing the Procurement and Contract Process

Controlling the Program  

  • Program Control  
  • Monitoring Program Benefits
  • Monitoring Program Scope
  • Monitoring and controlling program schedule
  • Managing Program Issues and Risks
  • Reporting Program Performance to Stakeholders & Governance Board
  • Program Contract Administration

Closing the Program  

  • Program Closeout
  • Closing the Program
  • Transition

Who should attend: Senior Executives, Project Leaders, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Project Managers & those who interest in program management knowledge & globally recognize PgMP Certification.    

Course fee:HK$18,800 (Course only) What is included in the price?  

  • 30 Hours tutoring Fee
  • All Course material
  • All On-line MCs 
  • Mock Exam – On-Site
  • Lesson Food and Refreshments
  • Help to submit the content for projects and program experiences
  • Guarantee to pass the PgMP Panel Review

1.全課程以考試為本. 只教考PgMP 有關的課題. 由於PMI的考試一向都是比較難的. 所以要針地性地了解題目所考既重點
2.PgMP 呢個試不只是考工具流程, 智識, 更會考你做一個 Program Manager 時的心態. 好多Situational  的題目要你本身有Project Director / Program manager 的態度同經驗.  而要掌握呢類題目必須小心設計題目.並由資深導師分析.

1. 課堂第一課就要填好 Project and Program Experience (由於批改需時)

2. 課堂 – 24小時
· 每次上完堂後,學生必須再做一次課堂的練習(綱上)· 回家再做進階MC題目
· 回家做高階MC題目共400題·         

4. 考完MOCK後,根據最近的合格分數而決定考PgMP (要視乎 Panel Review 批準情況)
** Panel Review:

PgMP® Exam Prep Class - 04

Total Duration: 30 HRs ( 10 nights)
Date:  3/2, 5/2, 10/2, 12/2, 17/2, 19/2, 25/2, 27/2, 3/3, 5/3

Time: 19:00-22:00
Course Fee: HKD18,800

 **Not including Exam Fee
**PgMP® Exam Fee: Non-member US1,000; Member US800